Sold in Clintonville, Bought in Lewis Center

When my wife and I decided that we were ready to buy a house, we went straight to Mike. We have always known Mike to be a very honest man and a hard worker, so we knew he was the right fit for us. We explained what we were looking for and where we wanted to look. Mike was very knowledgeable about the areas we chose to look into. Mike never tried to push us into anything we did not like and he was very patient with us. Mike explained a ton of things to us that we just had not thought about before starting the search. While in the houses, Mike explained the good and the bad parts of every house we went through, so we had a great idea of what we would be getting into. In the end we found a great house, and Mike was wonderful throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Mike to anyone who is looking for a realtor. You will not be disappointed