Bought first home in Worthington

My wife and I worked with the Parsons to find our first house in late 2008. We had no idea what we were looking for and the Parsons helped us narrow down all the variables into the house we still live in (we looked at everything from condos downtown to single family homes in the suburbs). Each meeting they were prepared and organized with print-outs of all of the houses we were going to look at that day, the route we were going to take and information on the neighborhood. Compared to stories I have heard of other agents that just want you to buy anything, The Parsons wanted us to buy the right house, and even talked us out of a house that we thought we wanted – more out of exhaustion than actual fit – because he felt it wasn’t right for what we had originally described. We ended up in a great house that was appraised for 30% more than our original purchase price when we refinanced 1.5 years later after some remodeling. Again, even though there was no reason for him to do so, they came over to show us what we needed to look out for prior to the appraisal to ensure we received the most bang for our refinance buck. It obviously worked. We can’t recommend the Parsons highly enough!